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Eco Boats Australia offers a wide range of luxury electric boats and propulsion systems for new and existing boats. Boat owners are discovering the benefits of electric propulsion and Eco Boats Australia has for nearly 10 years been supplying the most innovative and reliable products. Browse our product range or read through the case studies of some of our hundreds of Australian clients that have converted their boat to quiet and clean electric propulsion, from 10ft dinghies to 50ft racing yachts.

Electric Motors

Eco Boats - electric boat motors

Convert your boat to clean, quiet and economic electric power. With a range of electric outboards, inboards, pods and sail drives from 1HP to 200HP we can offer the right solution to match your boat and performance expectations.

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Eco Boats - marine batteries

Whilst the electric motor is the heart of the drive system, the batteries are your ‘fuel tank’. We can offer the right power source to match your performance and range expectations.

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Flexible Solar Panels

Eco Boats - flexible Solar Panels

Whether your boat is electric powered or diesel powered, whether it’s kept on a marina or on a swing-mooring, it’s always good to be energy-independent. Flexible solar panels are the perfect answer to harness Australia’s abundant sun energy.

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Electric Boats

Eco Boats - Electric Boats

Picture yourself in a whisper quiet electric boat. Impeccably crafted for sunset cruises, Sunday brunch outings and spontaneous getaways, a Duffy electric boat will recharge your life and renew your spirit.

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Electric Boat Hire

Eco Boats - Electric Boat Hire

See for yourself how peaceful and relaxing an electric boat trip can be. Eco Boats company Eco Boats Hire has been renting out electric boats on Sydney’s Middle Harbour since 2008. No boat license is required so anyone can experience the tranquillity of an electric boat on one of Sydney’s most beautiful waterways.

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Electric Boating Case Studies

Eco Boats - Electric Boating case studies

Eco Boats Australia has supplied more electric motors than any other marine supplier in Australia. Read our customer case studies from a huge range of different types of boats that have electric motors fitted.

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Benefits of Electric Propulsion

  • Quiet motoring (same experience under power as under sail)
  • No diesel smells
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less vibration, smoother and more comfortable
  • Easier to maneuver (full torque at any RPM)
  • Reliable and low maintenance: motor has just one moving part
  • Option to sail on renewable energy (solar panels or green shore power)
  • Recharge for less than 2 dollars per trip
  • Safe: no more petrol or diesel onboard

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