Pod motors

Note: All drive systems are rated S1 (full continuous) which means that during short periods a higher power output is available from the motor.

PodMaster (fixed or steerable)

The PodMaster range offers quiet & clean electric propulsion without using any interior space. The PodMaster drives are high-torque systems, eliminating the need for a reduction gear. The complete housing is construction from saltwater resistant aluminium with an epoxy coating and antifouling for optimal protection. A rubber hull flange can be supplied to match the shape of your hull for a perfect fit. The PodMaster is available in a fixed or steerable version.

Permanent magnet synchronous (brushless) Complete, plug & play system including:
  • pod motor
  • PMS controller with liquid cooling
  • mounting flange
  • display
  • throttle
  • key switch
  • main battery switch
  • main fuse
  • wiring harness
  • installation manual
Note: propeller not included
  • 3 blade bronze propeller to match 11"- 16"
  • steerable version

Product V kW RPM
PodMaster 2 48 2.5 1450
PodMaster 3 48 4.2 1450
PodMaster 4.3 48 6.0 1450
PodMaster 7 48 10 1450
PodMaster 10 48 10 1450
The above Pod systems are also available in a steerable version, including hull rudder tube and steering cylinder arm.

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