Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy an electric boat?

A growing number of boaters and non-boaters are seeking a quiet alternative to messy and loud petrol motors. Additionally, they are drawn to the ease of operation and the minimal maintenance required. The comfortable and well-designed interiors, with classic lines, have attracted a wide range of customers around the world. The electric boat motors are almost maintenance free and do not require regular servicing or winterizing.

How long will an electric boat cruise and at what speed?

All day! A standard battery configuration provides up to 8 hours of cruising on a full charge. This is based on average cruising speeds, ranging from cruising speed (4 knots) to full speed (6 knots). Our boats come equipped with an energy gauge, which indicates the energy/time remaining. This keeps the skipper informed and eliminates any concern of running out of power.

How long does it take to recharge an electric boat?

The rule of thumb is; if you have used the boat for 1 hour you should recharge for 1 hour. If you've been out for 2 hours you should recharge for 2 hours, etc. If you've been out all day you should preferably recharge overnight. Standard 240 AC household current is all that is required for the onboard charging system. Most docks are equipped with this type of circuit. Recharging after every use readies the boat for full operation day after day. Charging is completely automatic, and simply requires plugging the cord into the inlet located inside the boat. There is no need to turn the battery charger off, you can leave it plugged-in 24/7. Once the batteries are fully charged, the charger will shut itself off automatically.

How much does it cost to charge an electric boat?

Based on the average kWh rate we have calculated an average cost of less than $1.00 to recharge your electric boat. Very inexpensive when compared to the cost of gasoline or diesel.

What is the lifetime of the battery pack?

With proper care, a battery pack can provide 5 to 7 years of clean, reliable service before replacing.

What do I have to know to operate an electric boat?

Electric boats are very simple to operate. No different than operating a golf cart. Come and hire an electric boat with us, and within minutes of introduction to the boats, you will be enjoying a private cruise. A boat license it not required.

How does an electric boat handle saltwater, wind and current?

All our electric boats were originally designed and tested in marine conditions and they are constantly faced with these elements. All components are selected to withstand this harsh marine environment. All our boats are powered with the highest rated electric motors which allows them to handle most wind and current conditions impeccably. Every precaution is taken to isolate the electric systems from moisture, which gives you low maintenance and years of trouble free boating.

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