Eco Boats Australia joins forces with The Torqeedo Shop (Aug 2015)

The Torqeedo Shop and Eco Boats Australia join forces to become Australia's largest retailer and service point for Torqeedo electric propulsion products. As pioneers in the field of marine electric propulsion, Torqeedo has set many standards since it was founded in Germany in 2004. Torqeedo is the worldwide market leader in this product group and its drive systems continue to set record levels of efficiency. Since 2008 Eco Boats and Creative Engineering, operator of The Torqeedo Shop, have been involved in sales and support of Torqeedo products bringing different expertise to this market segment. By combining forces in a joint venture the new business will bring the strengths of the two companies together to offer market leading customer support and competitive pricing. Chris Baker, director of Creative Engineering and Steven Mullie, director of Eco Boats announced the joint venture agreement to create a new consolidated business focussing on sales and support of Torqeedo electric propulsion products. The business will trade as Eco Boats Australia.

The full press release can be viewed here: Download PDF

Bellmarine DriveMaster Ultimate range arrives in Australia (Jun 2015)

The new Bellmarine DriveMaster range is the most efficient, most reliable and quietest electric drive propulsion system on the market. The controller software is specifically designed for electric boating, ensuring efficient and trouble-free sailing. A boost mode allows for an extra 10-20% motor power during manoeuvring and the eco-mode automatically reduces power consumption to increase range. With liquid cooling these motors are smaller and more efficient than any other system of comparable power rating. A unique feature of the DriveMaster Ultimate range is the integrated DC-DC converter which can feed the complete on-board 12V network, from the main propulsion battery bank, so there’s no need for a seperate 12V house battery.

For more information, see the complete range on our website here

Sanctuary Cove patrol boats prove Torqeedo commercial success (May 2015)

Sanctuary Cove in Queensland, well-known for the annual boat show it’s currently hosting, has several kilometres of canals and waterways lined with hundreds of residential properties. For several years now, the 2 security boats that patrol these waters have been running with Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 electric outboards. This shows that even in a professional, high use environment electric motors stand the test of time.

The purpose built catamaran craft are environmentally friendly, very quiet, will deliver a significant cost-saving to residents (an estimated $900,000 over their 20 year lifespan) and provide a better platform for security officers to work from. Each boat is powered by twin Torqeedo Cruise 4.0R engines with a combined equivalent of 20HP.

The boats can reach a top speed of 10 knots if necessary, but the normal patrol speed is around 3 knots at which they can run for a whole day without charging. Power is provided by Torqeedo Lithium batteries that can be fast charged, allowing the boats to meet their requirements of up to 20 hours patrolling on the water every day.

Solbian 'All-in-one' flexible solar panels now available (Apr 2015)

Italian manufacturer Solbian has been making high quality flexible solar panels for several years now. The new Solbian ALLinONE flexible solar panels come with an integrated charge controller. It can be directly connected to your boat's battery bank: all the electronics you need are packed into the rugged waterproof metal box: a sophisticated MPPT controller capable of boosting the voltage for a perfect fit to your battery. It doesn't get any easier to keep your batteries topped up! The ALLinONE panel uses genuine SP photovoltaic cells which have the highest efficiency of any PV cell on the market. Available in 23 / 47 / 72 watts, suitable for 12 and 24V batteries.

For more information, see the complete range on our website here

Small racing yacht powers along with Torqeedo (Dec 2014)

This Skud 18 open race yacht is now propelled by the Torqeedo Travel 1003, giving its owner quiet and clean power. He in particular likes the refined power control when entering and exiting his berth at the Royal Motor Yacht Club on Pittwater, Sydney. A great addition to this sleek little racer! With its integrated lithium battery and its outstanding efficiency, the Travel is a great alternative to a small petrol outboard. The Travel can do everything that a 3 HP outboard motor can. But it's lighter, cleaner, quieter and more convenient. The tiller has an integrated display showing battery charge status, speed over ground and remaining running time. So you won’t have to worry that you’ll run out of power unexpectedly. German design and engineering ensures trouble-free boating!

For more information, see the complete range on our website here

Tasmanian built solar-electric boat launched in Noosa (Nov 2014)

This month, the Solar Electric River Boat built by Denman Marine from Tasmania was launched in Noosa, QLD. This beautifully crafted classic river launch is constructed from the best timbers and propulsion is provided by Eco Boats Australia's quiet DriveMaster system, complete with double set of batteries and flexible solar panels for extended cruising.

She is powered by a DriveMaster Ultra 3.5kW electric motor and with her 1000W of Solbianflex thin film solar panels the boat is pretty much energy neutral at cruising speed. Run time at cruise speed without charge is around 8-9 hours. It is lovely to be able to hold a conversation at a normal level with no engine noise, fumes etc that you get from a diesel.

A great example of beautiful Tasmanian craftsmanship and quiet & clean electric propulsion!

For more info on this project visit:

University of Newcastle competes with Torqeedo outboards (Oct 2014)

The University of Newcastle is currently competing in the Maritime RobotX Challenge in Singapore. The competition, jointly organised by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (USA) and the National University of Singapore's (NUS) Faculty of Engineering and Science Centre Singapore, aims to be an experiential learning platform leveraging on science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. Each team built an electric powered robotic water craft with the University of Newcastle choosing two Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 electric outboards (supplied by Eco Boats Australia) to power their craft. They will run through a number of tasks after which they hope to compete in the finals at the end of the month.

More information at:

'Francis' 8-metre follows the electric trend (Sept 2014)

'Francis' the Melbourne based international 8-metre class yacht has joined two Sydney-based 8-metres in going electric. 'Francis' did not have any engine before and to minimise interference with the ships 1947 built heritage hull, her owner Peter Johns chose a 7.5kW electric Pod motor, supplied by Eco Boats. The Pod motor is mounted under the hull and fitted with a 3 blade feathering propeller to reduce drag when under sail. The 48V battery bank provides a couple of hours running time at cruising speed, whilst the motor gives 'Francis' a top speed of just over 6 knots. 'Francis' regularly races on Port Philip Bay with the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria from Williamstown.

18' Duffy electric boat for Hawkesbury weekender (April 2014)

The Hawkesbury River is a magical water-wonderland just North of Sydney and many people have weekenders and holiday homes that dot the little islands and foreshores around the bays. Many of these areas are accessible by boat only and what better way than to have a comfortable electric Duffy boat as your own river-ferry? Kevin & Jenny live in the hinterland but regularly spend weekends at their cottage 'Ferryview' which is now complemented by this stylish and quiet boat.

Check out their website for more details and holiday lettings:

Torqeedo Ultralight 403 motor on 'Hobie Islander' (Dec 2013)

The Torqeedo Ultralight 403 kayak motor is ideal for the Hobie Islander kayak. Apart from paddling, using the sail or mirage drive (pedal system), Hobie owner Frank can now extend his range by a 4th propulsion method. The Torqeedo Ultralight gives approx. 4-8 hours of running time (depending on speed) and simply mounts on the back of the kayak with the supplied mounting ball. The motor is controlled with a remote throttle, can be tilted up when not in use and all components are completely waterproof (IP67). Torqeedo has also outboards for dinghies (3HP) larger boats (10HP) and speedboats (40HP & 80HP).

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Torqeedo Travel 1003 outboards supplied for Melbourne Art Project (Nov 2013)

'5 Short Blasts' is an audio-based project focusing on the complex orchestrations of weather, industry, vessels and habitation in and around Melbourne's docks. Audience members will board one of five electric powered boats to embark on a choreographed listening journey. Floating on a large body of water in a quiet electric boat, collaborating sound-music artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey invite audiences to navigate Melbourne's waterways in a whole new way. Eco Boats Australia supplied the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboards & batteries for this project, enabling the audience to listen to the audio installation undisturbed, whilst cruising through Melbourne Docklands.

For more information see:

The new Duffy 'Back Bay' is here! (Oct 2013)

Eco Boats Australia is proud to announce the arrival in Sydney of the all-new Duffy 16' 'Back Bay'. The first of its kind in Australia, the 'Back Bay' is one of the newest additions to the range of Duffy electric boats. Based on the successful 'Snug Harbor' model it offers more space than any other 16ft boat in its class and seats 8 persons comfortably. Over 40 years of boat building excellence have come together in the design of the Duffy 16' 'Back Bay' which shows in the unparalleled and meticulous finish. A full cabin enclosure, Surrey top, boarding steps and two hand-made varnished tables are standard features in this luxury craft. Contact us for an inspection or test drive!

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Duffy electric boats supplied for new rental operation in Noosa, QLD (Sept 2013)

Eco Boats Australia supplied three 16' Duffy electric boats for a new rental operation on the Noosa river on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. These stylish & comfortable boats seat 6-8 people and are easy to drive by all members of the family. Noosa has a long tradition of environmental awareness and these boats will fit right in with holidaymakers and locals alike. Duffy electric boats have been built for over 40 years in California and are the most luxurious and reliable electric boats on the market. With a cruising speed of around 4 knots and a range of up to 40km it's the perfect craft to explore the Noosa waterways! A fleet of 3 Duffy electric boats is available for self-drive rentals.

For more information see:

Timber putt-putt discovers electric propulsion in Perth, WA (Jun 2013)

Pippi-Doo is a David Payne designed 14ft traditional 'putt-putt' built in 2008 by owner Geoff Rumsey, of Perth. In the first instance the boat was fitted with a 1950's 3 1/2HP Blaxland inboard, which gives the boat it's typical putt-putt sound when underway. However, the motor was not as reliable as hoped so an alternative was found in the 2.4kW Bellmarine-Mastervolt 'DriveMaster Classic'. Pippi-Doo is just over 4 metres long and weighs only 400 kgs so is very easily driven. Powered by a 24V, 160Ah battery bank Pippi-Doo now glides quietly across the river ensuring Geoff and his family & friends have a great time on-board.

Timber yacht converts from petrol to electric in Perth, WA (Mar 2013)

Solquest is a 1955 built canoe stern timber sailboat that was powered by a Stuart Turner 8HP 2-stroke petrol inboard motor. The original motor (from 1957!) had given up recently so it was time to fit Solquest with a new engine. After comparing the price, reliability, ease-of-use and maintenance cost of either a second hand diesel engine or an electric motor, the choice for the latter was made and a Bellmarine-Mastervolt 2.4kW electric inboard motor was fitted. The 'DriveMaster Classic' system has an output equivalent to a 7HP diesel engine and provides quiet, clean and reliable propulsion. Powered by a 24V battery bank it gets this 7 metre long, 1 tonne yacht easily in & out of its marina pen and brings the boat home when becalmed on the river.

Solar electric launch under construction in Tasmania (Feb 2013)

Our Tasmanian dealer Andrew Denman Marine is currently working on an exciting project for a client in Queensland. The brief was for a design similar to the old Noosa putt putts from early last century that would be used for entertaining and canal/river cruising. David Payne was approached for the early design work and his 'Cinema launch design' was stretched to 23' overall. The boat is constructed using a specially profiled strip plank western red cedar core, with inside and out fibreglass skin. Power will be provided by a Mastervolt 3.5kW DriveMaster Ultra 48V AC motor, equivalent to 10HP. Power will be provided by maintenance free deep cycle AGM batteries and charging will be primarily by thin film Solbianflex solar panels with supplementary charging available from shore power if needed.

For more info and updates on this project see:

'Norske' 8-metre goes electric (Dec 2012)

Following the successful conversion of 'Juana' last year, another Int 8-metre class yacht 'Norske' decided to switch from diesel to electric as part of a complete restoration of this 1948 Tasmanian built racing yacht. The Mastervolt 5kW DriveMaster Ultra (equivalent to 15HP) gives the boat a decent cruising speed of 5 knots and the AGM battery bank gives enough running time to move away from the mooring and into the breeze. A Solbianflex flexible solar panel will keep the batteries topped up when the boat is on her mooring. This is another example where modern electric propulsion is integrated with a classic boat to provide a sensible, low impact, maintenance free means of propulsion. Norske's restoration was carried out at the Berrys Bay shipyard while the electric boat motor was fitted by JBC Yacht engineering:

Torqeedo Travel 1003 on 13ft row boat (Nov 2012)

Following the Sydney Wooden Boat Festival we ran some tests with the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard on 13ft rowboats available from our dealer Horseshoe Cove Marine on Pittwater. These classic shaped rowboats should appeal to the individual with an eye for style and who enjoys a healthy lifestyle. This multi-functional craft can be supplied at any stage of construction for DIY owners wanting to do their own fit-out or as a completed boat. The Torqeedo Travel 1003 is the ideal outboard for this kind of boat. It's 3HP equivalent quiet propulsion easily brings the boat to 5 knots top speed, however at a more leisurely 3 knots a couple of hours running time will allow you to get home once you're exhausted from rowing or assists you to dash back home if you're caught out by bad weather.

For more info on these craft see:

Eco Boats at Sydney Wooden Boat Festival Afloat (Oct 2012)

The complete product range of inboard and outboard drive systems was presented at this year's festival in Darling Harbour (Sydney). Electric propulsion is particularly suited for classic and timber vessels as these type of craft generally cruise at low speeds with limited range. Particularly the working displays of the Torqeedo Travel outboard and Mastervolt DriveMaster inboard attracted strong interest. There is already a number of classic yachts and boats on Sydney Harbour that converted to quiet & clean boating and our exhibition introduced more classic boat owners to the benefits of electric propulsion.

For more info on the festival see the ANMM's blog:

Eco Boats at Lake Macquarie Classic Boat Festival (Apr 2012)

This Easter, Eco Boats was present with a stand displaying electric inboards, electric outboards, solar panels and Duffy electric boats at the Lake Mac event on the NSW Central Coast. This was our second year at the show and it was great to catch up with various boat owners and clients that we met here and at other events. The beautiful weather saw a large crowd enjoying the on-water displays and boat parade. Lake Macquarie is a large and beautiful waterway that offers sheltered cruising and many quiet inlets and anchoring spots, perfectly suitable for electric boating.

For more info see:

EcoDrive: New budget range of electric inboard boat motors (Feb 2012)

Eco Boats Australia presents a new line of electric boat drive systems for the budget conscious. The EcoDrive range is available in 2.2 kW (6HP), 3.2kW (9HP) and 4.3kW (12HP). The plug & play kit consists of all necessary components such as electric boat motor, controller, throttle, instrumentation and installation manual. DIY fitting of the EcoDrive system is straightforward and in most instances the existing stern gear can be retained. With prices starting at $2,950 this kit is ideal for those that want to convert their boat to quiet & clean electric propulsion without breaking the bank. We have a range of deep cycle AGM or wet batteries and chargers to complete your package. We can supply a complete installation based on a 2.2kW electric inboard with 24V battery bank and charger for as little as $4,999. That's less than a diesel motor and with no money to spend on fuel and being virtually maintenance free the EcoDrive range is the most economic way to convert your small-medium sized boat and enjoy all the benefits of electric propulsion!

Contact us for more info or click here for a brochure on the EcoDrive range and accessories.

New: Solbianflex flexible marine solar panels for boat or caravan (Jan 2012)

Solbianflex solar panels are tough, flexible marine solar panels with very high efficiency, specifically designed for use in the marine environment. Constructed with Sun Power cells with an efficiency of 22.5% the cells are embedded in unique and highly resistant polymers that provide strength and durability. With a variety of mounting options you can attach the panels to you bimini top or bond directly to the deck. Their flexible non-glass construction is tough enough to walk on and only 1/8 the weight of a standard panel. Solbianflex solar panels are designed for the harsh marine environment and perfectly suited to any marine or recreational vehicle application.

For more information, see the complete range on our website here

Eco Boats at Narooma Boats Afloat (Nov 2011)

Eco Boats was present with a stand displaying electric inboards and outboards at the Narooma Boats Afloat festival on the NSW South Coast. On beautiful Wagonga inlet there were no less than 8 electric boats on the water. The festival, which was held over 3 days late November took place along the foreshore were several local residents had made their historic boat sheds available for displays and events. There were several boats powered with the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard and also an inboard electric motor and Pod powered timber boat.

For photos of the event click here.

New Torqeedo Lithium batteries now available! (Nov 2011)

We are taking pre-orders now for the new & improved Torqeedo Lithium batteries. Torqeedo has been setting the standards for lithium batteries for marine applications since 2006. With the new Power 26-104 they are continuing the tradition, by taking lithium power supply for boats to a completely new level. The Power 26-104 has superior intelligence, higher efficiency, better pricing, superior safety and uncompromising design for marine use. Contact us now to learn more about the benefits or the new Torqeedo Power 26-104 for your boat, whether its electric powered or diesel/petrol powered.

8-Metre Class racing yacht from diesel to electric (Sept 2011)

'Juana' is an 47ft, 8 tonne racing yacht designed by Garry Lidgard to meet the International Eight Metre Class Rule with a modern under body and 1930's classic lines above the waterline. This Huon pine yacht was recently repowered with a Mastervolt-Bellmann 7.5kW electric inboard motor with the equivalent performance of a 22HP diesel motor. The brushless, A-synchronous motor delivers high torque, is virtually maintenance free and exceptionally quiet. The digital display gives all-important information such as battery condition, remaining running time and the power consumption in kW. The electric boat motor is powered by a 48V / 270Ah battery bank consisting of 6 top quality 'Lithium Iron Phosphate' (LiFePo4) batteries with in-built battery management system. At cruising speed the battery bank will provide approx. 3 hours running time. An onboard 3-stage charger will recharge the Lithium batteries when the boat is plugged into shore power. The electric motor reduces the impact on its environment and provides the same quiet experience under power as when under sail.

For video on this race yacht, see: