Electric Boat Motors: Inboard and submersible pod drive systems by Mastervolt-Bellmarine

Electric boat motors

There are many reasons to choose electric or hybrid propulsion for your boat: an electric boat motor is whisper quiet and there are no exhaust fumes and no pollution to the air or waterways. Electric boat motors are light and compact and give great freedom in the layout of the boat. Electric boat motors have very low running costs; after a day boating the batteries can be recharged for less than a dollar or recharged with renewable energy such as solar or wind energy. Electric boat motors have few moving parts and are very reliable and virtually maintenance free. An electric boat engine delivers powerful torque and can deliver full power instantly with no need for warming up. Generally electric propulsion is most suitable for displacement style craft such as yachts or classic boats. In such vessels, as a rule of thumb, 1kW of electric power gives the performance equivalent of 3HP diesel/petrol power. In other words, a 4kW electric motor will replace a 12HP diesel inboard.

In association with Mastervolt-Bellmarine, Eco Boats Australia is exclusive distributor for Mastervolt-Bellmarine electric drive systems, imported from Holland. We supply electric and hybrid drive systems to both commercial and private boat builders and owners for newly built vessels or retro-fitting. All electric boat motors come as complete 'plug & play' packages inclusive of electric motor, controller, throttle, display and connection cables. Eco Boats can also advise on a suitable battery bank and charger for your application.

A selection of the Mastervolt-Bellmarine product range: Inboard, Pod, Saildrive

A selection of the Mastervolt-Bellmarine range is placed on our website and can be viewed by clicking on the 3 categories below. Contact us for a tailored advice on an electric boat motor that matches your vessel and performance expectations. Please note that Eco Boats Australia does not carry out installations. See below for assistance with installations and a list of experienced professional installers.

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Usually the electric energy that is necessary to power the electric boat motor is stored in batteries. These may be re-charged from shore power at dock or jetty, solar panels, wind generators, a diesel/petrol generator or a combination of these. In a 'serial hybrid' drive system, a generator is used to recharge the batteries and/or power the electric motor. In a 'parallel hybrid' drive system the electric motor is paired with a combustion engine and drives the propeller shaft seperately or simultaneously. Deep cycle batteries are the most suitable type of batteries to power an electric boat motor and either lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries (which have a higher energy density) can be used. Eco Boats can advise on a suitable battery bank for your electric boat.

Battery chargers

Electric energy has to be obtained for the battery bank and can be sourced from the grid, solar panels, a wind turbine, a diesel/petrol powered generator or a combination of these. The battery charger regulates the rate at which the batteries are being charged to ensure that they are not under- or overcharged. Most electric boats are fitted with 'smart', or multi-stage chargers that keep the charging current more constant for faster charging. With these modern switch-mode chargers battery charging takes place in 3 stages: Boost, Absorption, and Float. Eco Boats can advise on a suitable battery charger for your electric boat.

Options and accessories

Mastervolt-Bellmarine has a wide range of motor controllers, throttles, displays, propellers and drive shafts available that are specifically designed for electric boating. Please contact us for more information.

E-propulsion dealers & installation

Although most electric boat motors are straightforward to install for someone with some DIY experience, some boat owners prefer to have their motor professionally installed to ensure a perfect set-up and peace of mind. Especially when installation or adaptations of sterngear such as the propeller shaft or engine mounting beds is required, we advise to consult your local shipwright or boat builder. There is a number of specialised E-propulsion installation centres in Australia. Please contact one of our experienced installers below who can assist you with choosing and installing the electric drive system that best matches your boat, budget and performance expectations.

New South Wales:

Sydney Harbour Wooden Boats, Mona Vale. Website: www.shwb.com.au Phone: 02 9969 2233
Simon Sadubin and his team are specialised in classic timber boats.

Horseshoe Cove Marine, Newport. Website: www.horseshoecove.com.au Phone: 02 9997 1411
Corey Hill & Lee Bradstreet and their team are experienced in both traditional timber as well as modern fibreglass boats.

Itchy & Scratchy Boat Building. Woolwich Dock, Woolwich NSW Phone: 0404 409 753
Shipwrights Emily & Al are highly experienced and carry out installations in both state of the art racing yachts as well as traditional boats.

Phoenix Traditional Boats, Batemans Bay. Website: www.phoenixtraditionalboats.com.au Phone: 0423 487 661
Sam Aspinall and his team are experienced in both traditional timber as well as modern fibreglass boats.

South Australia:

Easytiger Marine, Adelaide. Website: www.easytiger.net.au Phone: 0424 871 007
Shipwright Cameron Donaldson has extensive experience with composite, fibreglass and timber boats.


Denman Marine, Kettering. Website: www.denmanmarine.com.au Phone: 03 6267 4660
Denman Marine specialises in custom timber boat building and can supply & install a suitable electric drive system for your new boat or restoration project.

Case studies of electric propulsion in Australia

Eco Boats Australia has supplied electric drive systems throughout Australia which have been successfully installed by both shipyards and DIY boat owners. Please click on the case studies below for some examples or visit our YouTube channel to see these electric motors in action.

2.5kW (7HP) DC Mastervolt-Bellmann electric boat motor in 8m cruising yacht - Townsville, QLD
7.5kW (22HP) AC Mastervolt-Bellmann electric boat motor in 14m racing yacht - Sydney, NSW
4.2kW (12HP) AC Mastervolt-Bellmann electric POD motor in 6m traditional launch - Canberra, ACT
3.6kW (10HP) DC Mastervolt-Bellmann electric boat motor in 5.8m traditional Couta boat - Newport, NSW
4.8kW (13HP) DC Bellmann electric boat motor in 12m timber yacht - Sydney, NSW
3.5kW (10HP) AC Bellmann electric boat motor in 6m motor launch - Adelaide, SA