Torqeedo models

Torqeedo electric outboard motors are developed and manufactured in Germany and meet the highest standards in terms of quality, precision and high performance. Torqeedo offers the most innovative, and the most efficient electric drives on the market which are just as attractive from an economic as from an ecological point of view. Prices starting at $ 2,750 (incl. GST)

Torqeedo Travel 503/1003

The new generation of Travel outboards: smarter, stronger and more rugged than before. Like a normal portable outboard - just more convenient and cleaner. The perfect outboard for tenders, sailing dinghies and daysailers has become even better. The new Travel is a fully waterproof design (IP67 rated: it can be completely submersed for a short time without any harm) and comes with an integrated GPS and information system that provides precise real-time information on battery charge status, remaining range at current speed, speed over ground and power consumption (GPS- receiver located in the battery, information display located in the tiller). The new Travel motor has improved mechanical stability and 30% higher battery capacity. It can be recharged from normal household power, any 12V battery (eg onboard yacht or cruiser) or with the optional 45 watt thin-film foldable solar charger.

Travel 503: equivalent to 1.5 HP petrol outboard
Travel 1003 : equivalent to 3 HP petrol outboard

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Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 T / 4.0 T: Tiller-controlled

With the thrust force of a 6 HP petrol outboard, the Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 is the emission-free alternative for sailing and motor boats with displacement of up to three tons. Equipped with the latest torque technology, an optimized drive train and an optimized propeller, the Torqeedo Cruise is not only the most efficient but also the most powerful 24-volt outboard available on the market. The Cruise gets its energy either from lead batteries that have been connected in series (normally two 12 V batteries) or from the Torqeedo Power, lithium-based batteries. This new model is completely waterproof, and has stepless forward-neutral-reverse drive function. It also has a display integrated in the tiller, providing information on the charge status of the batteries and remaining range. It mounts on the transom like any other outboard. A cable set for connection to the batteries, high-current plugs and main switch and fuse are included in the delivery. Now also available in 4kW (10HP) model

Cruise 2.0 T: equivalent to 6 HP petrol outboard
Cruise 4.0 T: equivalent to 10 HP petrol outboard

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Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R / 4.0 R: Powerful outboards with remote steering/throttle

The Torqeedo Cruise models stand for vigorously powerful electric outboards with superior efficiency, offering more range and power than conventional electric outboards. As all Torqeedo drives, they are by far the highest efficiency outboards in their power class. The Cruise R models are complemented with a remote throttle and link arm for wheel steering. The Cruise R models are also equipped with a GPS-receiver and a multifunctional display showing key information on the remote throttle, such as battery charge status, estimated remaining range, speed over ground and power consumption. The Cruise 2.0R operates on 24V and has a thrust comparable to a 6HP petrol outboard. The Cruise 4.0R operates on 48V and has a thrust comparable to a 10HP petrol outboard. The scope of delivery for all Cruise outboards includes a 3 m cable set, consisting of high power cables and plugs, as well as a fuse and a main switch.

Cruise 2.0 R: equivalent to 6 HP petrol outboard
Cruise 4.0 R: equivalent to 10 HP petrol outboard

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Torqeedo Twin Cruise 2.0 R / 4.0 R

The new Twin Cruise R electric outboards provide you with all the benefits of the high-performance Cruise R models – just with twice the power. This is great news for boaters who want to combine the option of going faster with the option of going longer distances using highly efficient propulsion. It is also great news for boaters who want to run larger boats such as pontoons, larger sailboats and larger catamarans with electric propulsion. The Twin Cruise R allows you to go faster on a planing boat, but is also is ideally suited to power large craft. The twin throttle unit is constructed from aluminium and allows easy maneuvering by controlling the two motors either individually or simultaneously. The integrated GPS-receiver is connected to the displays which provide all-important information such as remaining battery charge status, speed over ground and estimated remaining running time.

Twin Cruise 2.0 R: equivalent to 2 x 6 HP petrol outboard
Twin Cruise 4.0 R: equivalent to 2 x 10HP petrol outboard

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Torqeedo Ultralight: The first genuine kayak motor

With a total weight of 7 kg including the battery, the Torqeedo Ultralight defines a new class of boat drives. The motor was uncompromisingly designed for the use on kayaks and other very light boats. The unit consists of a shaft, a lithium-manganese battery and a remote throttle. Due to its unique mounting system, the Torqeedo Ultralight can be attached to almost any rigid kayak. The motor can be tilted into and out of the water during use and is designed completely waterproof, that is, it can even be operated under water. The motor includes a GPS receiver providing data for a multifunctional display that is included in the remote throttle. Information displayed includes battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and power consumption. The motor delivers a maximum speed of some 9.0 km/h and a range of up to 40 km at slow speed. Further advantages: connection to kayak rudder provides easy steering (possible for most kayaks), waterproof travel pack for transport and storage and battery charger are included in the delivery. The battery can be recharged from normal household power or with the optional 45 watt thin-film foldable solar charger, even while underway.

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Torqeedo Power 26-104: Performance, safety and value

More power, lighter weight - Torqeedo lithium manganese batteries represent the leading battery technology on the market today. The advantages they offer over conventional batteries are dramatic: They have a much higher energy density, they easily deliver high current and they also feature outstanding cyclic stability and therefore a long service life. Lithium batteries provide various options for use on boats. On the one hand, you can save around 50% on battery weight as this Torqeedo lithium manganese battery weighs only 20kg. Alternatively you can increase the capacity of your battery bank substantially and drive more powerful electric motors or simply have more energy at your disposal onboard your boat. Torqeedo Power comes in a 2.7kWh battery with a rating of 25.9V, 104Ah. The battery has an integrated battery management system, is fully submersible and features a 4-level protection system for ultimate safety.

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Torqeedo Solar charger 45 W

Electric outboards are ecologically advantageous in many ways. They are emission free in operation and they require a lot less energy to propel a boat. But that is not all: Unlike gasoline outboards, electric outboards can also be operated completely from clean, renewable energy supplies such as solar power. Thanks to Torqeedo’s solar charge options, this opportunity has become not only ecologically advantageous but also extremely convenient and simple. Just plug the solar panel directly into your Ultralight or Travel 503/1003 battery and charge your battery wherever you want – even while operating your motor. The Solar Charger provides simple plug & play charging for Travel and Ultralight models. It folds away for easy transport and storage, weighs less than 1.3kg and is extremely weatherproof and saltwater resistant. The unique Amorphous Silicon cells provide superior efficiency, even in low light conditions or when partially shaded. To provide this option, Torqeedo has teamed up with renowned manufacturer of thin-film solar panels PowerFilm, Inc. PowerFilm’s panels have endured rigorous submersion testing and are in our opinion the thin-film cells suited best for use in a marine environment.

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