Looking for an electric boat motor? Eco Boats Australia is the leading supplier of Torqeedo electric motors and Bellmarine electric motors. We supply electric and hybrid drive systems to commercial and private boat builders as well as private owners for newly built vessels or retro-fitting.

All electric boat motors come as complete ‘plug & play’ packages comprising of an electric motor, controller, throttle, display and connection cables. Eco Boats can also advise on a suitable battery bank and charger for your application.

Take a look at the range we have on offer and contact us today for tailored advice on an electric boat motor that matches your vessel and performance expectations.

Torqeedo Outboard Motors

electric boat motor - Torqeedo

Torqeedo electric drive systems are made in Germany. The emphasis is on outboard and pod motors but the range also includes saildrives and inboards. Torqeedo is the world leader in electric outboards, is represented in more than 40 countries and was established in 2004.

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Bellmarine Inboard Motors

Electric boat motor - Bellmarine

Bellmarine drive systems are made in Holland. The emphasis is on high-thrust inboard systems for displacement vessels but the range also includes saildrives and outboards for commercial use. Bellmarine’s history goes back over 20 years and with more than 2,500 successful installations on the water worldwide it is the undisputed world leader of inboard electric propulsion systems.

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Benefits of an Electric Boat Motor

  • Quiet motoring (same experience under power as under sail)
  • No diesel smells
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less vibration, smoother and more comfortable
  • Easier to maneuver (full torque at any RPM)
  • Reliable and low maintenance: motor has just one moving part
  • Option to sail on renewable energy (solar panels or green shore power)
  • Recharge for less than 2 dollars per trip
  • Safe: no more petrol or diesel onboard

Boat SUITABILITY for Electric Boat Motors

Generally electric propulsion is most suitable for displacement style craft such as yachts or classic boats. In such vessels, as a rule of thumb, 1kW of electric power gives the performance equivalent of 3HP diesel/petrol power. Therefore a 4kW electric motor will replace a 12HP diesel inboard.

Boat SPEED and RUNNING TIME for an Electric Boat Motor

An electric boat will be most efficient when driven at approx. 60%  to 70% of the boats theoretical hull speed. For most small-medium craft this equates to a cruising speed of between 4 to 6 knots. In terms of running time it’s feasible to expect up to 8 hours of running time with a full electric set-up or longer cruising times with a solar or hybrid set-up.

Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your boat.

Electric Boating FAQ’s

Take a look at our Electric Boating FAQ section for detailed information on electric boat motors. 

Electric Boat Motor Case Studies and Customer Examples

We’ve supplied hundreds of inboard and outboard electric motors for boats ranging from 12ft dinghies to 50ft racing yachts. Read about them here.



Please note Eco Boats Australia does not carry out installations. A list of professional installers around the country is available upon request.


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