Price starting from $62,900

Bellmarine Shaftmaster

Very powerful shaft drive that comes complete with Revermatic marine gear (ratios 1.04-1.45-1.88-2.25) with thrust bearing with liquid/oil cooler. It also has an integrated DC/DC converter to provide 12V for you on-board electronics.

The ShaftMaster system is available with either air- or liquid cooling

Salt water resistant and fitted with waterproof connectors to ensure reliability in all conditions.

Complete system including:

  • Asynchronous air or liquid-cooled motor
  • marine gear (ratios 1.04-1.45-1.88-2.25)
  • controller
  • mounting bracket
  • display
  • throttle
  • key switch
  • main battery switch
  • main fuse
  • wiring harness
  • NMEA2000 compatible
  • installation manual
  • display unit of choice
  • throttle unit of choice

Note: propeller & shaft not included


  • full colour display or i-control

Benefits of electric stern drive system:

  • Compact installation
  • Choice of RPM outputs based on 4 ratios
  • Reliable technology
  • High Torque, more efficiency
Product V kW RPM
ShaftMaster 35A 300 35 1300-2850
ShaftMaster 35W 300 42 1300-2850
ShaftMaster 50A 300 50 1300-2850
ShaftMaster 50W 300 65 1300-2850
ShaftMaster 75A 300 75 1300-2850
ShaftMaster 75W 300 100 1300-2850
ShaftMaster 130W 400 130 1300-2850

Note: RPM depending on choice of gear ratio to match prop

Note: A=air cooled  W=liquid cooled


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