The Economical choice in flexible solar panels

Shine Solar panels come in 50W or 100W models. They are manufactured using Sun Power monocrystalline silicon cells  with a very high efficiency of  21.5 – 23%

Shine Solar Series 50 W 100 W
Power 50 W 11 W
Length 545 mm 1070 mm
Width 535 mm 550 mm
Thickness 2 mm 2 mm
Weight 0.8 kg 1.4 kg
Number of cells
16 30
VoC 21.2V 42.2V
Max power voltage 17.6V 35.2V
Max current 2.84A 2.84A
Price $245 $450

Shine Solar Range Images


  • High efficiency
  • Light and flexible
  • Great aesthetic
  • Working also in low-light conditions
  • Easy installation with LOXX snap fastners, zip, screws, adhesive, metal eyelets

Recommended applications:
Nautical, Pleasure and racing boats, Camper, Camping, Electric mobility, Building.

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