Solbian SP - Solbian All in One

Solbian All In One series: Panel + Charge Controller

The SP series, the top of the Solbian range, now comes in a new ALLinONE version: solar panel PLUS charge controller.

All the electronics you need is already packed into the rugged waterproof metal box: a sophisticated MPPT controller capable of boosting the voltage for a perfect fit to your battery.

From the smallest 23W model, ideal to keep your battery charged, to the 72W panel, with enough power to supply the refrigerator on your caravan or boat. The ALLinONE models can be combined simply by connecting each of them directly to your battery, each panel being completely independent from the others, thanks to the integrated charge controllers.

Solbian SP All In One Series SP 72 SP 47 L SP 47 Q SP 23
Power 72 W 47 W 47 W 23 W
Length 855 mm 1109 mm 601 mm 600 mm
Width 546 mm 292 mm 546 mm 292 mm
Thickness 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm
Weight 1.2 kg 0.9 kg 0.9 kg 1.4 kg
Number of cells
23 15 15 7
Price $1,050 $745 $745 $475

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  • Integrated MPPT charge controller – no need for separate controller
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High efficiency
  • Light and flexible
  • Great aesthetic
  • Working also in low-light conditions
  • Easy installation with LOXX snap fastners, zip, screws, adhesive, metal eyelets

Recommended applications:
Nautical, pleasure and racing boats, ideal for smaller boats, Camper, Camping, Electric mobility, Building.

Solbian SP Series

Manufactured with selected SunPower™ monocrystalline silicon cells, reaching a record 23% conversion of sunlight into electricity.

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