Solar Light Range (SL) Standard efficiency solar cells

The SL range is constructed from Solar Light cells which have an efficiency of 17%. The SL range is available in 125 watt, 80 watt and 40 watt with two options in the shape of the 40 watt panel.

CP125 (125 watts)

SL80-L (80 watts)

SL40-Q (40 watts)

SL40-L (40 watts)

Sun Power (SP) Very high efficiency solar cells

The SP range uses Sun Power cells to construct the panel. These are the most efficient cells available at 22.5% and provide the highest power (watts) for a given area. The SP range is available in 100 watt and 50 watt panels and there are two options in the shape of the 50 watt panel.

SP100-L (100 watts)

SP50-Q (50 watts)

SL50-L (50 watts)


For ease of installation, choose one of the following attachment methods. There are 2 options to connect the panels, either junction box with standard PV connectors or soldering ribbons for installation on flat surfaces. Extension cable also available.

VHB adhesive
SS Eyelets

Junction box
Soldering ribbon

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