8-Metre Class racing yacht from diesel to electric

electric outboard motor

‘Juana’ is an 47ft, 8 tonne racing yacht designed by Garry Lidgard to meet the International Eight Metre Class Rule with a modern under body and 1930’s classic lines above the waterline. This Huon pine yacht was recently repowered with a Mastervolt-Bellmann 7.5kW electric inboard motor with the equivalent performance of a 22HP diesel motor. The brushless, A-synchronous motor delivers high torque, is virtually maintenance free and exceptionally quiet. The digital display gives all-important information such as battery condition, remaining running time and the power consumption in kW. The electric boat motor is powered by a 48V / 270Ah battery bank consisting of 6 top quality ‘Lithium Iron Phosphate’ (LiFePo4) batteries with in-built battery management system. At cruising speed the battery bank will provide approx. 3 hours running time. An onboard 3-stage charger will recharge the Lithium batteries when the boat is plugged into shore power. The electric motor reduces the impact on its environment and provides the same quiet experience under power as when under sail.

For video on this race yacht, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TIExHwhKis

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