Eco Boats Founder, Steven Mullie, set up Eco Boats 13 years ago because of his passion for two things – boating and the environment.

As a company we have a clear mission – to provide Australian boat owners with a powerful and green alternative to diesel & petrol engines.

We believe that boating should be a pleasure that’s best enjoyed without putting a strain on the environment so we’re passionate about treading lightly in our beautiful blue backyard.

Not many people realise that one small petrol outboard engine can produce the same pollution as 50 or more cars operated at a similar speed*

A 2007 research paper from the Australian Government* found that marine engines (particularly small 2-stroke outboards) contribute significantly to levels of smog and pollution. The research paper summarizes:

“Significant power is needed to move small boats through the water – even better performing and relatively ‘clean’ engines emit far greater quantities of pollutants per hour than a typical modern car engine.  One hour of operation of a boat that complies with US 2006 emission standards (i.e. has a relatively clean engine) produces the same pollution as about fifty cars operated at a similar speed. Older style outboard engines that do not comply with US EPA 2006 limits are likely to emit around ten times the amount of pollution compared to conforming engines”* 

But the good news is there is an alternative

Eco Boats is proud that we’ve so far prevented over 1,000 small petrol outboards and more than 50 diesel inboards from polluting Australian air and waterways by providing a powerful electric propulsion alternative.

Electric boating is not for everyone

If you love waterskiing or making ocean passages with a motor boat, you will be disappointed by the limitations of today’s battery technology. Whilst it’s possible to go fast and far in an electric boat it’s very costly due to the large battery bank needed and complexity of charging those banks.

But electric boating is perfect for boat owners who don’t need to go far or fast

For many applications such as powering a tender, daysailer classic wooden boat or even a large racing yacht there is no need to go fast or far and it’s those type of applications where electric propulsion is most suitable.

Have a browse through our Testimonials to see what types of boats have made the switch to clean & green electric propulsion in Australia.

Innovation is driving our company’s environmental mission

The innovation that drives electric propulsion is moving at record speed and is being adopted by more and more Australian boat owners. As Australia’s largest and longest established supplier of electric boat motors we see the demand for electric marine motors first hand with sales increasing every year. With the combination of improvements in both drive-train and battery technology and increasing production which improves affordability, electric propulsion is offering a real alternative for a growing number of boat owners.

Going electric is a benefit for both boat owner and the environment

So whether your looking to upgrade your existing inboard or outboard motor, or purchase your next boat – consider electric propulsion – the benefits are far reaching – not just for yourself but also for the beautiful waterway you enjoy so much. And let’s not forget the additional user benefits, such as no noise, no headache inducing fumes, no petrol and oil leaks and a clean, non-smelly bilge.

Click here to view our full range of electric inboard and electric outboard motors.

* Source: “Comparative Assessment of the Environmental Performance of Small Engines. Marine Outboards and Personal Watercraft”. Prepared for the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Water Resources. You can download and read the full research paper here: Comparative Assessment Small Marine Engines 

electric boating and the environment -Steven Mullie

electric boating and the environment - electric outboard

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