Bellmarine to power J Bird III, the first TP52 racing yacht, QLD

Well known record sailing holder Ian Thomson has recently acquired the first ever TP52 racing yacht. Ian and his partner Anika run Ocean Crusaders, an organisation entirely dedicated to cleaning Australia’s waterways from (plastic) pollution. So for them it was kind of a no-brainer that they would re-cycle the old yacht and at the same time convert her to electric propulsion. It is an on-going project, but they have recently taken delivery of a Bellmarine DriveMaster 15W (liquid cooled) which will run off Lithium batteries and they aim to recharge mostly from solar, assisted by regeneration when the boat is under sail at higher speeds.

Ian and Anika are keeping followers informed with a blog on SailWorld, in this episode they write about their reasons & decision-making process around going electric

For more information on the Bellmarine DriveMaster range, see here

For more information on their waterway cleanup organisation Ocean Crusaders and to leave a donation, please visit their website here

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