Price starting from $8,990

Bellmarine DriveMaster Eco Line

The Bellmarine DriveMaster Eco Line is the most efficient, most reliable and quietest electric drive propulsion system on the market. The controller software is specifically designed for electric boating, ensuring efficient and trouble-free sailing. The controller manages the motor power and monitors the complete system, including the state of charge of your battery bank. The boost mode allows for an extra 10 -20% motor power during manoeuvring and the eco-mode automatically reduces power consumption to increase range.

Asynchronous air-cooled motor with a complete, plug & play system including:

  • motor with integrated thrust bearing
  • controller
  • motor & controller water resistant (IP65)
  • adjustable mounting bracket
  • shaft coupling
  • key switch
  • main battery switch
  • main fuse
  • wiring harness
  • NMEA2000 compatible
  • installation manual
  • display unit of choice
  • throttle unit of choice

Note: propeller & shaft not included

Product V kW RPM Torque
DriveMaster Ecoline 2.0 24 2.0 1450 13Nm
DriveMaster Ecoline 3.0 48 3.0 1450 20Nm
Drive Master Ecoline 6.0 48 6.0 1450 40Nm


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