Price starting from $9,490

Bellmarine Drive Master Ultimate

With a higher power output than the Eco Line (up to 25kW) the Bellmarine Drive Master Ultimate also has an integrated DC/DC converter to provide 12V for your on-board electronics.

The  liquid cooling system results in a compact system with incredible efficiency.

Salt water resistant and fitted with waterproof connectors to ensure reliability in all conditions with 316 stainless motor mount and shaft coupling.

Integrated thrust bearing saves space and ensures an ultra-quiet and vibration-free operation.

All the drive master ultimates can be supplied with a hybrid  add–on. Ideal for building a parallel hybrid system or recharging whilst under sail

Complete system including:

  • asynchronous liquid-cooled motor
  • integrated thrust bearing (up to 15kW)
  • liquid cooling system (thru-hull OR closed loop)
  • controller with integrated DC/DC converter for 12V
  • motor & controller water resistant (IP65)
  • adjustable mounting bracket
  • shaft coupling
  • key switch
  • main battery switch
  • main fuse
  • wiring harness
  • NMEA2000 compatible
  • installation manual
  • display unit of choice
  • throttle unit of choice

Note: propeller & shaft not included


  • regeneration mode
  • full colour display or i-control
Product V kW RPM Torque
DriveMaster Ultimate 1.5 48 1.5 1450 10Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 3.0 48 3.0 1450 20Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 5.0 48 5.0 1450 33Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 10 48 10 1450 66Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 15 (S2-30″) 48 15 1450 99Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 15  48 15 1450 99Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 20 (S2-30″) 96 20 1450 132Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 20 48 20 1450 132Nm
DriveMaster Ultimate 25 96 25 1450 165Nm

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