EcoDrive: New budget range of electric inboard boat motors

EcoDrive budget electric motor

Eco Boats Australia presents a new line of electric boat drive systems for the budget conscious. The EcoDrive range is available in 2.2 kW (6HP), 3.2kW (9HP) and 4.3kW (12HP). The plug & play kit consists of all necessary components such as electric boat motor, controller, throttle, instrumentation and installation manual. DIY fitting of the EcoDrive system is straightforward and in most instances the existing stern gear can be retained. With prices starting at $2,950 this kit is ideal for those that want to convert their boat to quiet & clean electric propulsion without breaking the bank. We have a range of deep cycle AGM or wet batteries and chargers to complete your package. We can supply a complete installation based on a 2.2kW electric inboard with 24V battery bank and charger for as little as $4,999. That’s less than a diesel motor and with no money to spend on fuel and being virtually maintenance free the EcoDrive range is the most economic way to convert your small-medium sized boat and enjoy all the benefits of electric propulsion!

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