ePropulsion POD motor powers Etchells yacht on Sydney Harbour

For small & medium open racing yachts, it’s often challenging to find enough space inside the boat to fit a motor. An outboard motor on the back is unsightly and awkward to operate and a diesel is heavy and takes up valuable space inside the cockpit. Many small 

racing yachts were never designed to have any motor at all, but sometimes you want to have ‘the best of both worlds’ and be able to cruise under motor power to and from the starting & finish lines before and after races or just take the boat for a spin around the Harbour over the weekend.

Enter a new-generation electric drive, the POD motor, which can be mounted underneath the hull, with only a small control box and the batteries being located inside the boat. Compared to diesel inboards and petrol outboards the POD motor is an elegant solution that is lightweight, powerful and relatively inexpensive.

A number of Etchells-owners have converted their yachts to electric using the ePropulsion POD3 which can be fitted with an optional folding propeller to minimise drag during Club races.

The POD motor operates at 48V and can be operated from the matching ePropulsion E-series Lithium battery, or from lead-acid batteries. The side-mount throttle can be mounted in a small dashboard under the gunwale, providing easy access to the throttle which makes docking easy.

ePropusion POD motors are available in 1kW (equivalent performance to approx 3hp) 3kW (equivalent performance to approx 5hp) and 6kW (equivalent performance to approx 10hp)

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