ePropulsion SPIRIT 1.0 Plus a great choice for folding PortaBote

The ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus is our most popular product and for good reason! Everyone who owns a small boat can use one of these amazing outboards and being lightweight and easy to transport the Spirit 1.0 Plus is perfect to marry up with travelers’ boats such as ‘folding boats’ or the ‘Porta-Bote’.

It only takes about 4 minutes to put a Porta-Bote together and get it ready to launch. Add another 2 minutes to that to install your ePropulsion Spirit outboard and you have a fully portable boat + motor set-up that you can take anywhere. The Spirit 1.0 Plus outboard and battery can be stored in a padded carry bag which makes it easy and safe to store in the back of your car, ute or caravan.

The Spirit 1.0 Plus outboard is equivalent to 3hp and runs from a click-on-top battery with a 1276Wh capacity which is the highest capacity in its class. The motor is completely silent and does not drip or spill oil or fuel when you store it in the back or your car, making it easier to use and more hassle-free than en equivalent petrol outboard.

The battery gives a range of over 30hrs at rowing speed or about 5 hours at a cruising speed of 3 to 4 knots, which is enough to cover a full day out on the water for most people. Of course the ePropulsion Spirit is equally suitable for inflatables and small RIBs.

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