Greenline 33 the newest addition to Sydney’s Smart Boating fleet

The Greenline 33 is one of the newest additions to the syndication fleet of Smart Boating on Sydney’s Pittwater. The Greenline 33 is a true hybrid-electric boat, fitted with both a diesel engine and an electric engine. The diesel engine is used to quickly get from A to B at high speeds, whilst the quiet & clean electric drive is used for manoeuvring at low speeds, when visiting ecologically sensitive areas or simply if one wishes to enjoy gliding through the water completely silently.

The electric half of the CMD 150.5 TDI hybrid engine powers the Greenline Hybrid 33 to a quiet whir. With a flip of a switch, you can go from diesel to electric power. The boat is fitted with Lithium batteries and solar panels to assist re-charging of the batteries and powering the on-board appliances.

The Greenline is incredibly efficient using up to 4 times less fuel per nautical mile than a conventional planing boat – the Greenline Hybrid 33 has a range of more than 700 nautical miles on one tank of fuel.

To complement this eco-friendly boating experience, Smart Boating has decided to power the Greenline’s inflatable tender with the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard. Running from a click-on-top Lithium battery the Torqeedo outboard offers approx. 3 hours of running time at a cruising speed of around 3 knots, which is comparable to the performance of a 3HP petrol outboard.

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