Steven Mullie – Founder & Director

Steven grew up in The Netherlands and came to Australia a few years after finishing his Bachelors of Business Management. He has a background in technical sales and has always been passionate about marine conservation. He developed an interest in electric boating back in Holland where local legislation had encouraged change and innovation long before this happened in other parts of the world. He founded Eco Boats in 2008 to introduce electric boating to the Australian market.

Steven is based in Sydney, NSW
0414 061 795

Chris Baker – Co-founder & Partner

Chris is a generalist civil engineer and software engineer with a focus on electric mobility and renewable integration. His experience includes infrastructure projects and pumped hydro energy. Chris became involved with electric propulsion when he fitted an electric motor to his sailing trimaran and shortly after founded The Torqeedo Shop in 2010 which joined forces with Eco Boats in 2015. Chris is Eco Boats’ main technical lead for design and implementation of electric propulsion systems.

Chris is based in Brisbane, QLD.

Veronica White – Technical Support & Admin

Veronica developed a liking for water activities from an early age, enjoying kayaking and dinghy sailing.  She has more recently spent several years living aboard a cruising yacht and sailing the Queensland coastline.

She has a background in administration and customer service and is now enjoying honing her skills on the inner workings of electric motors on servicing & repairs.

Veronica joined Eco Boats in 2018 and is based in Brisbane, QLD.
0400 581 386

Gerd Heinen – WA Agent

Gerd hails from Germany and is an Electronics Engineer and Usability Engineer with more than 25 years of work experience in media & broadcasting technology and industrial innovation & technical consulting. He is passionate about electro mobility and became involved with electric propulsion when he fitted out the fleet of his hire boats with Torqeedo electric outboards in 2016, so can speak from experience.

Gerd joined Eco Boats in 2018 and is based in Mandurah, WA.
0457 728 017

Brent Singer – QLD Agent

Brent is an Electrical & Applications Engineer with experience in product & electronics design, specifically prototyping. He is hardware focused with a history of working on rugged and high reliability applications. He grew up scuba diving on Moreton Bay and became interested in electric propulsion after a stint as developer for an electric surf-board manufacturer. Brent has comprehensive technical knowledge of Lithium battery systems and safety integration for the marine environment.

Brent joined Eco Boats in 2020 and is based on the Gold Coast, QLD.