Another electric Duffy boat launches in Noosa, Australia.


Another Duffy Electric boat has found a happy home in Noosa, Australia. This brings the total number of Duffy boats on Noosa waterways close to ten.

A local resident with a waterfront house decided that a Duffy 22′ Cuddy Cabin would make the perfect addition to the family!

Keen to spend more time on Noosa’s beautiful waterways the Cuddy Cabin is a great choice. With a whisper quiet electric motor the family is now able to enjoy Noosa’s incredible waterways without the smell and noise of a traditional petrol engine.

Moored on their private jetty the Duffy Cuddy Cabin will be easily recharged from their house electricity mains. No prior preparation is needed to take the boat out. All the family need to do is simply disconnect the power lead and head onto the water.

Fitted with a high capacity battery bank the boat runs for 12 hours at cruising speed on a single charge. This makes non stop day trips easy.

Easy to drive and no boat license required means the entire family can enjoy the opportunity to be skipper.

With an additional enclosed cabin this is the only Duffy boat that can be fitted with a toilet.

Seating up to 12 adults it’s the perfect size for entertaining and enjoying sunset drinks and daytime picnics with friends.

Look out for this new electric boat addition on the Noosa Waterways!

For more info on the Duffy 22′ Cuddy Cabin click here. 


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