NEW! Flexible solar panels

Solar panels are the ideal way to keep your boat’s power systems in good condition, whether it’s an electric, diesel or petrol powered boat. Your boat could be stored in a marina, on a swing mooring or you could be cruising for long periods at a time. Regardless of how you use your boat, the main reasons for installing solar panels are battery charging, battery maintenance and the operation of appliances when away from other power sources without running the engine or generator.

Recent advances in technology have led to the development of thin, flexible, lightweight solar panels which can be attached to the bimini top or shade structure with a zipper to make use of otherwise vacant space. They are strong, reliable and tough enough to be walked over when glued directly to the deck.

Flexible solar panels are ideal for boat, caravan, RV or your home. We have a range of top-quality European made panels available as well as Asian made budget panels.

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