New Torqeedo Travel 1103 powers FarEast 19R, NSW

The new FarEast 19R is a modern, open performance keel boat that is very easily driven and popular with single-handers. It’s light, fast, responsive and is the ideal boat to pair up with the new Torqeedo Travel 1103CL. Due to the open transom layout the motor is very accessible for the helmsman and easily raised clear of the water once the sails are up and the race is on. Giving a quiet & clean experience it was a logical choice for this Pittwater-based owner who recently took delivery of his new boat. We came along for a test spin and the Torqeedo Travel easily powered up the boat to between 4 and 5 knots in various conditions with 3 people onboard. The Lithium battery gives the boat a range of about 15nm at cruising speed of approx 3 knots. The motor can be removed in less than a minute and taken home in it’s padded carrybag with no fear of leaking oil or fuel in the back of the car.

For more information on the Fareast 19R see here

For more information on the Travel 1103C see here

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