OCIUS Technology launches 3 new USVs – powered by Torqeedo & Solbian

On 18 June 2021 OCIUS Technology celebrated the completion of 3 new generation ‘Bluebottles’ with a christening ceremony at their UNSW Randwick factory in the presence of Navy and Defence personnel. Over the past few months, the new boats have undergone extensive sea-trails making sure all systems perform properly, before being deployed in more remote waters off the Australian coastline.

Eco Boats has been working with OCIUS since 2015 and each bluebottle is powered with an array of Solbian semi-flexible solar panels and Torqeedo Lithium batteries and electric Pod motor. The set-up gives these uncrewed surface vessels a near perpetual range and thanks to their intelligent computer-controlled navigation systems they can carry out missions independently whilst remaining under remote control of shore-based personnel.

The OCIUS project is a great example of how cutting-edge electric propulsion and solar solutions can reduce the footprint of ocean-based operations since OCIUS’ Bluebottles can partially fulfill patrol missions for which otherwise large, crewed vessels running on fossil fuels would have to be used.

For more info on Bluebottles and their applications, visit the OCIUS website here

For more info on Solbian flexible solar panels, view the range here

For more info on Torqeedo Pod motors, view the range here

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