We’re Australia’s leading supplier of electric boats. With a range appealing to both private recreational owners and light commercial operators we offer the finest in design and quality of fully electric boats, ranging from 5m to 14m.
Take a look at our range of Duffy boats ideal for private recreational use and boat rental operations or luxury Soel Yachts specifically designed for waterfront resorts and hotels and contact us for tailored advice on what craft is most suitable for your needs or for your business.

Duffy Boats

DUFFY boats

The most popular Duffy model of the range

Duffy electric boats are made in the USA; whisper quiet and
impeccably crafted for sunset cruises and Sunday brunch
outings. With a history going back 45 years and over 10.000 boats
sold worldwide it’s the leading brand in electric boating.

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Soel Yachts

Soel Yachts

SoelCat 12

SoelYachts are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. These energy-
autonomous craft with are fast, have a long range and can feed energy back into the grid. With an efficient hull and contemporary interior it’s the perfect extension for luxury waterfront resorts and hotels wanting to add style and sustainability to their operation.

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  • Quiet motoring
  • No diesel/petrol smells
  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less vibration, smoother and easier to maneuver
  • Full torque at any RPM
  • Reliable and low maintenance: motor has just one moving part
  • Safe: no more petrol or diesel onboard
  • Boost the green credentials of your tourism operation

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