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Bellmarine ShaftMaster

Very powerful liquid-cooled shaft drive that comes complete with marine gear (various options available) with integrated thrust bearing and elastic coupling between motor and transmission. All motors are Permanent Magnet type, AC, high efficiency, saltwater resistant and rated at IP65.

Bellmarine motors have a nominal (continuous) and intermittent (1 minute duration) rating and can be supplied with an optional regeneration module for re-charging whilst under sail.

All Bellmarine motors can be supplied as complete plug & play system.

reduction ratios available: i=1.40 – 1.88 – 2.25 – 2.75          propeller RPM = motor RPM/i

Complete system including:

  • motor with adjustable brackets and rubber mounts
  • marine gear with integrated thrust bearing (up to 130kW)
  • integrated oil-water cooling
  • oil temperature sensor
  • vector control inverter IP65
  • NMEA2000 compatible (for connection to third party display)
  • live PTO available
  • output offset 103mm
  • elastic coupling between motor and transmission
  • main battery switch and main fuse
  • controller with integrated DC/DC converter for 12Vdc
  • 5m cable set for display, throttle and key switch
  • integrated liquid cooling system
  • display unit of choice
  • throttle lever (TFC)
  • quick install / easy connect / plug & play
  • installation & user manual

Note: propeller & shaft not included


  • regeneration module to charge batteries whilst sailing
Motor kW S3 kW V RPM
ShaftMaster 25W 20 25 96 3000
ShaftMaster 35W 30 35 144 3000
ShaftMaster 45W 35 45 288 3000
ShaftMaster 65W 50 65 288 3000
ShaftMaster 100W 75 100 288 3000
ShaftMaster 130W 100 130 384 3000


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