Price starting from $33,900

Bellmarine TorqueMaster Pro

The Bellmarine TorqueMaster Pro is specifically designed for ultra low RPM applications (heavy displacement vessels). It features an integrated reduction gearbox (i=3,67) bringing the RPM down to 800 with a massive 382Nm torque.

Asynchronous liquid-cooled motor with reduction gear

Complete, plug & play system including:

  • motor with integrated reduction gear (i=3,67)
  • liquid cooling system (thru-hull OR closed loop)
  • controller with integrated DC/DC converter for 12V
  • motor & controller water resistant (IP65)
  • adjustable mounting bracket
  • shaft coupling
  • key switch
  • main battery switch
  • main fuse
  • wiring harness
  • NMEA2000 compatible
  • installation manual
  • display unit of choice
  • throttle unit of choice


  • regeneration mode
  • full colour display or i-control

Note: propeller & shaft not included

Product V kW RPMTorque
TorqueMaster Pro 20 48 20 800239Nm
TorqueMaster Pro 25 96 25 800299Nm
TorqueMaster Pro 30 144 30 800358Nm
TorqueMaster Pro 40 144 40 950402Nm


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