Price starting from $3,990

EcoDrive 2.0 – budget inboard electric motor

The EcoDrive is a budget solution for those who’d like to convert their boat to electric and enjoy DIY/working out their own solutions. The EcoDrive 2.0 is a very basic plug & play kit comprising of only the electric motor, controller, wiring harness, throttle, key switch and circuit breaker. It does not contain a motor mounting bracket, display, reduction gear, or thrust bearing which the client will need to add.

The EcoDrive requires a 2:1 reduction gearing which is typically added by means of two sprockets and a drive belt.

Being very small and lightweight, the EcoDrive is ideal for small self-built boats and DIY enthusiasts. The power rating is up to 2kW, equivalent to approx. 6HP

Brushless Permanent Magnet AC air-cooled motor with basic plug & play kit including:

  • Motor (no thrust bearing)
  • Controller with fuse
  • Key switch
  • Circuit breaker / main switch
  • Throttle
  • Basic wiring harness
  • Installation manuel

Please note: reduction gear, propeller and shaft not included. Motor and controller are not water resistant

Product V kW RPM
EcoDrive 2.0 48 2.0 1100 (2:1 gear)

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