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Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R  (25HP equivalent)

The new flagship of the Cruise line. The new Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R  not only has an impressive appearance, it also delivers impressive performance. High-tech from the shaft head to the fin – and emission-free.

The Cruise 10.0 R is comparable to a 25 HP petrol outboard (in thrust) and can easily be mounted on your boat’s transom with minimum tools required.

The Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R is very robust and suitable for larger, high speed tenders such as RIBs, workboats and motorboats / yachts up to 10 tons.

The Cruise 10.0 R outboard is fully waterproof (IP67 rated), and is only available in remote steering version.

It comes in three different shaft lengths: Short (RS), long (RS) and extra long (RXL)

Integrated GPS Information System

It has an integrated GPS information system providing information on speed, battery status and remaining range, displayed on a screen integrated in the remote throttle.

Battery Requirements

The Cruise 10.0 R outboard needs external batteries to operate.

A power supply from minimum four lithium batteries (Power 26-104) or with eight lead batteries (lead-gel or AGM) must be provided for operation.

The size/capacity of the battery bank depends on the speed & range you require.

Complete system including:

  • Motor with integrated controller
  • Mounting bracket to suit any transom
  • Remote throttle with integrated display
  • Battery cables and main switch
  • Magnetic kill switch


  • Integrated GPS and computer providing speed, battery status and remaining range.
  • Safe, with emergency kill switch.
  • Weight: 61 kg.
  • Stepless forward / reverse.
  • Electric tilting with grounding protection.
  • Waterproof to IP67.
  • No leakage or petrol smells.
  • Shaft length: short 38.5 cm / long 51.2 cm / extra long 63.9 cm.
  • We recommend the Cruise 10.0 R for larger tenders, workboats and yachts up to 10 tons.
  • For coupling with remote steering cable (not included).
  • Very robust design – protected from corrosion, saltwater-capable in hars conditions and commercial use.
  • Simple handling thanks to voltage level of 48 VLow-profile design – elegant and modern.
Product Price
Cruise 10.0 TS $21,340
Cruise 10.0 TL $21,560
Cruise 10.0 TXL $21,890
Cruise 10.0 RS $20,240
Cruise 10.0 RL $20,460
Cruise 10.0 RXL $20,680

Range Example

CRUISE 10.0R with 4 x Power 26-104 Lithium batteries (battery weight approx. 96kg).

For motorboats and sailboats up to 3 tons.

Speed in knots (km/h)* Range in sm (km)*  Running time in hours
Slow 4,2 (7,8) 35,2 (65) 08:20
Full throttle 17,2 (31,9) 13,7 (25,5) 00:48

*Speed and range depends on type of boat, load and also conditions. Data is indicative only and do not represent a legal guarantee.

Cruise 10.0 R Specifications

Input power in watts  10,000
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 20 HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust) 25 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 56
Static thrust in lbs* 315
Integrated battery No
Nominal voltage 48
Total weight in kg 59.8 (S) / 61.3 (L) / 62.5 (XL)
Shaft length in cm 38.5 (S) / 51.2 (L) / 63.9 (XL)
Standard propeller
v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts
Alternative propeller options v15/p10k
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 1,400
Control Remote throttle
Steering Provision to connect to standard remote steering; lockable
Tilting device Electrohydraulic tilt device with overload protection.
Trim device Manual, 4-step
Integrated on-board computer Yes
Stepless forward/reverse drive Yes


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