The Economical choice in flexible solar panels for boats

Shine Solar panels only come in a 110W model. They are manufactured using Sun Power monocrystalline silicon cells  with a very high efficiency of  24%.

Shine is a reputable Chinese manufacturer of flexible solar panels for boats. Like Solbian Flexible Solar Panels, they use SunPower cells, but the flexible resin is not as durable and not as UV resistant as the more expensive Solbian. Shine Panels remain a great choice for the budget minded or for those that have a boat or campervan that isn’t constantly exposed to the weather and UV.

The lightweight flexible panels come standard with eyelets in the corners and sides and can be fitted with zippers by your marine trimmer for easy attachment and installation.

As well as charging a boat’s house batteries they are also highly suitable to charge the batteries of electric inboard motors and electric outboard motors.

Shine flexible solar panels come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. 

Shine Solar Series 110W
Peak Power (W) 110
Length (mm) 1050
Width (mm) 540
Thickness (mm) 3
Weight (kg) 1.4
Number of cells
VoC (V) 21.8
Max Power Voltage (V) 18.2
Max current (A) 6.04
Price $450

Shine Solar Range Images

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  • High efficiency
  • Light and flexible
  • Great aesthetic
  • Also work in low-light conditions
  • Easy installation with zip, screws, adhesive or metal eyelets

Recommended applications:
Choose the Shine Solar Series for boats and RV’s that are not constantly exposed to the weather, or when you are on a budget

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