Solbian CP Series

Solbian CP series products use standard 156×156 monocrystalline cells with efficiency greater than 18%, the best established technology to offer powerful and reliable panels at the best price. Their size and high power make them particularly suitable for motor homes and caravans, even on curved surfaces, such as the profile of an attic roof.

Solbian CP Series CP 144 L CP 144 Q CP 125
Peak Power 144 W 144 W 128 W
Length 1523mm 1046mm 1364mm
Width 676mm 996mm 676mm
Thickness 2mm 2mm 2mm
Weight 2.4 kg 2.4 kg 2.2 kg
Number of cells
36 36 32
Price  $990 $990  $890

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  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Ideal for camper vans, electric vehicles, etc..
  • Easy installation with zip, screws, adhesive, metal eyelets

Recommended applications:
Camper, RVs, Shipbuilding, Building.

The CP series flexible solar panels are made using monocrystalline silicon cells with
efficiency greater than 18%, encapsulated with high strength technopolymers.

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