Solbian SR Series – the most rugged panels

The Solbian Super Rugged SR series is made using monocrystalline high efficiency SR cells are sandwiched by two patented metallic grids, making them very durable.
The grid on the front is carefully tailored to optimize the current harvesting, while the one behind the cell offers strong mechanical support.
The grids essentially form a double shield that acts as a conducting reinforcement to the solar cell.
With extreme crack and bend tolerance built-in the SR series panels offer a guarantee of high efficiency and unmatched durability in lightweight solar panels.

Contact us for advice on matching solar charge controllers to complete your set-up.

Solbian SR Series SR216 SR160L SR160Q SR144 SR108 SR72L SR72Q SR62
Peak Power 216W 160W 160W 144W 108W 72W 72W 62W
Length 1364mm 1523mm 1024mm 1364mm 1046mm 1364mm 728mm 1205mm
Width 996mm 683mm 996mm 683mm 683mm 365mm 683mm 365mm
Thickness 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm
Weight 3 kg 3 kg 2.4 kg 2.1 kg 1.7 kg 1.2 kg 1.2 kg 1.1 kg
N. of cells
48 36 36 32 24 16 16 14
Price  $2,090 $1,560  $1,560  $1,400  $1,050  $700  $700  $600

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  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Ideal for camper vans, electric vehicles, etc..
  • Easy installation with zip, screws, adhesive, metal eyelets

Recommended applications:
Camper, RVs, Shipbuilding, Building.

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