QLD Sailing Club goes electric with ePropulsion NAVY 3.0 & BlueLithium

A growing number of Sailing Clubs around Australia is looking into the viability of converting some of their club and start boats to electric, to reduce their carbon footprint but also to reduce maintenance costs. Many of the start boats and marker boats are powered by outboards and the constant manoeuvring and switching between fwd/rev wears the gearboxes out quickly. A benefit of electric motors is that forward and reverse is a matter of changing polarity and other benefits are off course quiet operation, zero emission and no exhaust fumes in the cockpit when idling and laying/retrieving marks. Maroochydore Sailing Club on the QLD Sunshine Coast is one of the first Clubs to foray into electric propulsion with their 5m aluminium start boat, which was fitted with an ePropulsion NAVY 3.0 electric outboard, powered by a 4.5kWh/48V BlueLithium battery bank which is completely waterproof. The result is an easy-to-use and robust system that can be recharged at the Club pontoon. Top speed is 7 knots and cruising speed is 5 knots at which the battery bank will provide enough power for approx. 3 hours running time.

For more info on Maroochy Sailing Club visit their website here

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