Price starting from $14,990

Bellmarine SailMaster Eco Line

Based on the same type of motor as the Eco Line inboard range, the Bellmarine SailMaster Eco Line is coupled with a Yanmar SD25 electric saildrive leg with a 2:1 reduction and stainless steel motor supports and custom hub.

This is a great choice for small to medium sail boats. For larger boats the Bellmarine SailMaster Ultimate would be a more suitable electric saildrive.

The SailMaster Eco Line range contains three different saildrives based on different levels of power and torque.

Complete electric saildrive system including:

  • Asynchronous air-cooled motor
  • sail drive leg with 2:1 reduction
  • controller
  • mounting bracket
  • display
  • throttle
  • key switch
  • main battery switch
  • main fuse
  • wiring harness
  • NMEA2000 compatible
  • installation manual
  • display unit of choice
  • throttle unit of choice

Note: propeller & shaft not included

Benefits of electric saildrive system:

  • Compact and relatively quick installation.
  • No engine box in the middle of your boat
  • Much less vulnerable than under water (Pod) engines
  • Easily accessible for maintenance
  • Reliable technology
  • High Torque, more efficiency
Product V kW RPM
SailMaster Ecoline 3.5 48 3.5 750
SailMaster Ecoline 6.0 48 6.0 750


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