Sanctuary Cove patrol boats prove Torqeedo commercial success

Sanctuary Cove in Queensland, well-known for the annual boat show it’s currently hosting, has several kilometres of canals and waterways lined with hundreds of residential properties. For several years now, the 2 security boats that patrol these waters have been running with Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 electric outboards. This shows that even in a professional, high use environment electric motors stand the test of time.

The purpose built catamaran craft are environmentally friendly, very quiet, will deliver a significant cost-saving to residents (an estimated $900,000 over their 20 year lifespan) and provide a better platform for security officers to work from. Each boat is powered by twin Torqeedo Cruise 4.0R engines with a combined equivalent of 20HP.

The boats can reach a top speed of 10 knots if necessary, but the normal patrol speed is around 3 knots at which they can run for a whole day without charging. Power is provided by Torqeedo Lithium batteries that can be fast charged, allowing the boats to meet their requirements of up to 20 hours patrolling on the water every day.

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