Solar-electric Egyptian sailboat on Murray River, VIC

The Covid Lockdown has led some of our clients to complete very creative projects; take Echuca woman Tuesday Browell, who used the past winter months to design and build an Egyptian inspired ‘felluca’ sailboat.

Because previous boating trips were plagued by petrol outboards that kept breaking down, she decided to go with the new Torqeedo Travel 1103 outboard paired with remote throttle, a spare battery and the 100W Shine foldable solar panel. This package gives her the ability to cruise for up to 30 hours at low speeds and even longer if the sun is shining.

After the first few outings, Tuesday said: “It is just brilliant. You can sneak up, just silently cruise up to birds in a nest, you can cruise into the shore very quietly, you can sail past people, and they don’t even know you’re there. “I’ve never experienced that before, every time I’ve been on a boat it’s either had paddle wheels, steam engines or two or four strokes, this is just another level.”

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