Solar electric Tour boat at Adels Grove, QLD

A solar powered boat at a remote western Queensland ecotourism resort is improving the experience enjoyed by visitors while also boosting the operator’s income.

The Adels Grove camping ground offers camping accommodation, activities and tours. Previously, water access to the scenic Lawn Hill Gorge was only by means of canoes which presented difficulties for some elderly visitors. With petrol outboard powered craft ruled off limits by Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service, the full Gorge experience was being missed by a number of tourists as the only alternative was to walk to Indarri Falls.

The owners of Adels Grove had the opportunity to purchase two 10 passenger tourist boats that had been originally designed for operation with a 9hp petrol driven outboard motor. In consultation with Queensland National Parks it was agreed that a solar version of the pontoon would be acceptable to operate within the Gorge.

Adels Grove joint owner, Michelle Low Mow said that the solar powered boat has dramatically improved how their visitors could enjoy the Gorge, encouraged them to stay longer and as a result boosted their profitability.

Low Mow explains “previously we could only offer canoes for visitors to row, or a short walk to see the falls, but now we can offer a quiet and comfortable one hour ride along the Lawn Hill Gorge.

The pontoon boat is powered by a Torqeedo Cruise 2.0RL and is running of lead-acid batteries which in turn are re-charged by rigid solar panels on the roof of the craft, making it a 100% renewable operation,
More information on the Adels Grove tour operation can be found here

More information on the Torqeedo Cruise 2.0RL can be found here

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