Tasmanian built solar-electric boat launched in Noosa

This month, the Solar Electric River Boat built by Denman Marine from Tasmania was launched in Noosa, QLD. This beautifully crafted classic river launch is constructed from the best timbers and propulsion is provided by Eco Boats Australia’s quiet Bellmarine DriveMaster system, complete with double set of batteries and flexible solar panels for extended cruising.

She is powered by a Bellmarine DriveMaster Ultra 3.5kW electric motor and with her 1000W of Solbianflex thin film solar panels the boat is pretty much energy neutral at cruising speed. Run time at cruise speed without charge is around 8-9 hours. It is lovely to be able to hold a conversation at a normal level with no engine noise, fumes etc that you get from a diesel.

A great example of beautiful Tasmanian craftsmanship and quiet & clean electric propulsion!

Check out the full Bellmarine electric inboard motors here.

For more info on this project visit: http://www.denmanmarine.com.au/Solar-Electric-Launch/

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