19′ Fiberglass Multihull

Torqeedo cruise 4.0 twin testimonial

Original petrol powered boats used $50 to $60 worth of petrol each day and now the boats use $2.60 worth of electricity per day for operation.  This saving alone amounts to an extraordinary $20,000 per year reduction in operational costs.

In addition the workplace health and safety conditions for the operators has improved immensely. Because of the low speed operation the fumes from the outboard motor in the original boats meant very poor working conditions.  The Torqeedo motors are not only fume free but almost silent in operation – which as well as providing better working conditions also presents an advantage for a security vessel.

Download press coverage of the full story of Sanctuary Cove’s electric powered security boats

Location Sanctuary Cove, QLD
Boat name Eden and Haven
Construction/Design Fiberglass composite / Multihull
Length overall 19 ft / 6 m
Displacement (weight) Approx. 600kg
Old motor 50HP on tinny
New electric motor Twin Torqeedo Cruise 4kW
Battery bank Twin Torqeedo 26-104 batteries per motor
Cruising / Top speed 3 knots /11 knots
Run time 8 hrs
Recharge method Shore Power
Year of installation 2011


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