No other business in Australia has supplied more electric boat motors than Eco Boats. Since our founding 16 years ago we’ve supplied hundreds of inboard and outboard motors. Boats ranging from 12ft dinghies to 50ft racing yachts. With clients in every state and territory we can truly say the propulsion systems we supply are suited for Australian marine conditions.

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Now that electric cars and boats are becoming more mainstream we see a variety of ‘new products’ coming onto the market, many of which are not trialed and tested. Eco Boats only supplies brands that are tried and tested from reputable factories that are leaders in their field, such as Bellmarine and ePropulsion. Why risk going with a cheap kit from an overseas supplier when you can deal with a locally established supplier offering you the most reliable products in electric propulsion.

Electric propulsion is our specialist area. We’re not diesel mechanics offering an electric alternative product on the side. Our business is dedicated to electric motors for boats. We’re passionate about electric technology and the huge benefit it brings to boat owners as well as the environment.

Talk to the experts and find out if electric propulsion is suitable for your boat and how you use it. If we feel that electric boating is not the right concept for you, we will tell you. We want happy customers on the water that will understand the capabilities and limitations of electric propulsion before making a well-informed purchase decision. That’s the only way we can build a network of confident electric boat users on Australian waterways.