Torqeedo 1003CL on Cygnet 20 Trailer yacht

The Torqeedo Travel electric outboard has always been a popular choice for trailer yachts since it first came out some 12 years ago. The Cygnet 20 is a versatile craft that can be sailed, motored or rowed and accommodates up to 4 people. It’s Australian made and designed and recently Eco Boats supplied a Torqeedo Travel to a newly launched Cygnet that is owned by Will Hardcastle, who is coincidentally also the designer of this popular sailboat.

The Travel 1003 outboard gives the Cygnet a top speed of around 4.5 knots and runs for about 5 hours at cruising speed of approx 3 knots, giving it a range of around 15nm. Will uses the Eco Boats 100W foldable solar panel to re-charge his battery when underway and to extend the range.

For more information on the Cygnet 20 visit the website of Blue Water Cruising Yachts here

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