Torqeedo does the job in remote Tassie wildreness

For several years, Mark & Michelle have been using their Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard on their dinghy whilst cruising the remote Tasmanian coast. Read here about their experiences:

“We purchased our Torqeedo mid 2011 prior to embarking on a 4 month cruise from Sydney to Hobart. During this trip we had our dog Charlie on board, which meant a trip ashore every morning and night, rain, hail or shine, to take him for a walk. Essentially we used it twice a day for 4 months in sometimes very unpleasant conditions in some very remote anchorages, particularly in the Bass Straight Islands.

This year, 2014, we cruised from Hobart to Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour on the south west coast of Tasmania, and back to Hobart. The Torqeedo was once again our only outboard for the tender for the month long trip.

We have no hesitation in highly recommending the Torqeedo as a tender outboard on a cruising yacht. The advantages in no particular order: no petrol on the yacht, (that’s the big one for us); no oil changes required; a fully charged battery every morning, (we charge ours from the cigarette plug charger from the ship’s batteries overnight); when we leave the yacht, the outboard is simply stored in a cupboard inside the yacht; no smell; virtually no maintenance. We have submerged our old petrol motor resulting in an oil change; major inconvenience on board a yacht. The Torqeedo is waterproof.

The GPS and time/charge/distance remaining is an invaluable tool for longer trips up a creek or river. If you like to go fast over long distances this motor is not for you. In the dinghy shown in the picture we can get 5kts but only for 20 to 25 min. But here is the good part: in this dinghy, (shown in picture), at 20 to 30 watts, we get 2.5 kts for 8 hours. Yes, that’s 20 nautical miles. In our other dinghy, which is the traditional wider shape Zodiac, for the same 20 to 30 watts we get 2 kts for 8 hours. That’s 16 nautical miles. Wow. If you beef it up to 120 watts we will see 3 to 3.5 kts for 3 hours. Thats still 9 nautical miles and all of this without using a single drop of petrol. On a trip up the Davey River in south west Tasmania we traveled in company with friends who used their petrol outboard. It was faster, but it was noisy, smelly, and it broke down half way home due to a fuel blockage in the carburettor. We towed them back to the yacht using our Torqeedo. If not for the Torqeedo, we would have spent a cold night on the river bank in one of the most remote parts of Australia. Try rowing a Zodiac 3 nm into the wind.

The picture supplied was taken at Celery Top Islands, Bathurst Harbour, south west Tasmania, when our buddy Nick popped in to say hi in the sea plane. Mt Rugby is in the background with our yacht Kiandra at anchor. That’s our Torqeedo on the tender.

We will never again use a petrol outboard on our yacht’s tender. We love our Torqeedo.

The after sales service from Steve Mullie at Eco Boats Australia has been outstanding.”

Mark Brady & Michelle Holland, SV Kiandra

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